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Our Goals are simple. Our Mission straight-forward. At ISR International University, we empower ourselves to provide opportunity for all, regardless of income, place of residence, and all other factors. We make the process of obtaining your degree, not only feasible, but economical.
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ISR International University is driven to provide outstanding services with impeccable quality. We're dedicated to you. We offer unique online degree programs with the opportunity to test out of study or classes you are already familiar with. This is the basis of our accelerated program. Why spend money and time on areas you are already experienced in?

ISR International University accepts all students regardless of race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. We practice equal opportunity in all we do. We are affiliated with ISR student news and hold accreditation which benefits students and alumni. ISR faculty and admissions employees always maintain strict confidentiality in every contact. Feel free to contact us today via email.